Follow our work through the following public presentations:

Cory Wilkerson (SEADAE) presents at the Pennsylvania Arts Network Arts in Education Forum

Dr. Nancy Rubino (College Board), Amy Charleroy (College Board) and Scott Jones (Arts Education Partnership) present on Common Core and Alignment to the Core Arts Standards

Lynn Tuttle (SEADAE) and David Dik (Young Audiences) present at a town hall meeting and update to the field on October 1, 2013, hosted by Kristen Engebretsen of Americans for the Arts.

Jim Palmarini (EdTA), Lynn Tuttle (SEADAE) and Cory Wilkerson (SEADAE) present on the National Standards at the 2013 EdTA Conference along with Theatre Writing Team Members Dr. Mary Schuttler and Leslie Van Leishout

Music Writing Team Co-chair Scott Shuler presents on Common Core connections and the new arts standards:

Music Writing Team Co-Chair Scott Shuler presents on Cornerstone Assessments

Jim Palmarini (EdTA) presents at the SETA Conference.

Project Director Phil Shepherd presents at the Education Policy and Leadership Center's Art's and Education Symposium, October, 2012, Harrisburg, PA


Jim Palmarini interviews Jay McTighe regarding Cornerstone Tasks, Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions.

Phil Shepherd presents the National Standards work at the National Endowment for the Arts Forum, 2/14/2012

Dr. Nancy Rubino presents the National Standards work at the Arts Education Partnership Spring Forum, April 12th and 13th 2012.

Jim Palmarini, Educational Theatre Association presents at the Arts Education Partnership Spring Forum in Washington DC