National Media Arts Standards Imagined
In August of 2011, the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards convened a Media Arts Investigation Committee consisting of a diverse group of media arts leaders from the field including a broad spectrum of representatives from gaming, design, theatre, media, media literacy, public education K-12, higher education, film, cinema, animation, digital imagery, photography and State Directors of Arts Education.
The committee's work helped define the task of writing media arts standards.

Writing Team Chosen
The Media Arts Investigation Committee appointed a smaller sub group of five representatives; including the two state level directors of arts education whose states currently have Media Arts standards, to review the 52 applications received from media arts educators during an all call out to the field in September of 2011. The resulting twelve member writing team was chosen after a rigorous selection process using criteria designed by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards. The writing team represents both the depth, breadth and scope of the field as well as diverse geographic locations around our country and diverse teaching experiences in media arts at all grade levels, K- Higher Education.

National Representation by Committee
Investigation here has pointed to many fine organizations with an interest in media literacy and technology societies with arts as an area of interest, as well as technology as a working group within the professional organizations for dance, music, theatre and visual arts. These organizations have created important provisions for the inclusion of technology and media arts at many levels of instruction and use. However, no single association has taken on the responsibility for media arts in the areas of arts, aesthetics, and education. To meet the need for a voice for Media Arts during the writing of the standards a Media Arts Committee was formed to serve as a part of the NCCAS governing body. The committee is co-chaired by Richard Burrows, retired director of Arts Education for the Los Angeles Unified School District and Dr. Pamela Paulson, Senior Director of Policy, Perpich Center for Arts Education.

On June 25th, 2012 the members of the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards leadership, including the newly formed Media Arts Committee, approved the publication of the following supporting materials:

Media Arts Position Paper

Media Arts Frequently Asked Questions

Publications by Our Members

"An Interview with Richard Burrows in Arts Education Policy Review"
(used by permission of the Arts Education Policy Review)
Arts Education Policy Review - Volume 117, Issue 3, 2016 - Special Issue: Technology and Arts Education Polcy

"A technological, pedagogical, arts knowledge framework"
by Amy Petersen Jensen
Taylor & Francis Online.
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