Piloting teachers were surveyed at the end of the pilot as a tool for evaluation of the MCA tasks and to assess their estimates of the impact of the model cornerstone assessment experience on their teaching and instruction. Results from a sampling of piloting teachers (5 piloting the HS Proficient MCA - 5 piloting the HS Accomplished MCA and 6 piloting the HS Advanced MCA) are shown below:

Representative comments from Piloting teachers show a clear impact on their professional growth:

"I believe this type of assessment would be very useful in creating professional development. It would provide a baseline that we are all able to follow and will help identify where we, as teachers, need to specifically improve our craft."

"I grew as an educator and I realized that more in depth critiques and journaling could only enhance my student's work and creative divergent thinking!"

"The project helped to scafford the assignment really clearly, which ultimately led to a very well developed, clear and authentic assessment that could be scored easily. The students were led into being successful in the summative assessment because each step brought them toward the final set of expectations and goals."

"The model cornerstone provided a great opportunity for me to detail my teaching approach, focus students on acquiring an understanding beyond performance, and extended my students interest in art."


Benchmarking teachers share their learning and the value of this project in this brief 7 minute video:

In addition to the piloting teachers, student work samples were utilized in presentations around the nation to train additional educators and attendees in the process of benchmarking piloted and refined during the project. A record log of those presentations show over 1300 attendees.