Next Generation National Arts Standards Work Update - 1-24-2012

Archival Blog and Video Below

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The video update includes many references to the new conceptual framework which is under development for the next generation of Arts Standards. A draft preliminary version of the framework is available as a link above. This PDF represents our work to date and is subject to change as the work develops. In sharing an early draft version of the framework to the field you are able to see how Philosophical Foundations, Lifelong Goals, Learning Strands, and other components under discussion can fit together, inform the standards development process, and provide a visual map for teaching and learning in the arts. This version remains under discussion by the NCCAS Leadership Team and Framing Committee.

NCCAS Jan update from Cory Wilkerson on Vimeo.

A Cover it Live Blog captured additional comments/questions from the field, some of which were answered from the floor. A full archive of the comments is available below. Participants whose questions were not answered from the floor were asked to use this wiki to contact our communications team.